Open Door Effect

Open Door Effect uses transparency as a tool to let consumers engage with companies through factory/production facility visits, regain a closeness to their products, and judge for themselves if the company and their products are trust worthy.

You don’t have to trust the words of Open Door Effect members. With the OpenDoorEffect you are invited to check for yourself.

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Learn about the products you use and the companies that make them! Become a conscious consumer today by visiting ODE members.

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Transparency is an inescapable trend. Be ahead of the curve and reap the benefits of implementing transparency in your business today.

Covid-19 and Transparency Sollutions

Covid-19 has proven the vulnerability of global supply chains. Additionally, it points to the importance of knowing the conditions in which our products (inclusive meat products) are grown, kept and produced.

While the pandemic creates urgency surrounding transparent production and supply chains, we recognize the health and safety challenges it presents to our members. Also, to future members in opening their facilities to the public. We work with you to find the most suitable sollution for your case so that your organization can continue to be transparent during these times.

Contact us today to learn about different sollutions for your company.

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Is there a company you would like to see implement transparency in their business?

Nominate them here and we will discuss their transparency with them.

Let’s grow the radical transparency movement together!

ODE Members

Powered by TheRockGroup

Noticing a shared need for more transparency in business and our economy, TheRockGroup initiated the Open Door Effect together with transparent clients. Together they are changing the transparency standards in their industries.

TheRockGroup is an internationally oriented sustainability services company based in Amsterdam. Driving the sustainability transition, they work together with small to large companies, civil society organizations, governments, knowledge institutes, students and professionals.

If you are curious to learn more about TheRockGroup: click below for more information.

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