Transparency for you as Consumer

Isn’t it strange that businesses essentially decide what products you as consumer can choose from when they shop? Other than price, color and packaging how do consumers know the difference between the range of products offered in order to come to an informed decision?

Its time companies are honest with consumers about what they really do and what they make, so that consumers can choose their preference with all the facts.

Whether people want their products to be circular, sustainably sourced, child labour free, or just safe for their own use, transparency through ODE is a way to fight for the consumers right of informed choice.

You can get involved with ODE today!

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Suggest companies you would like to see go transparent

Do you have a favorite product or brand you want to learn more about. Nominate that company here and we will approach them with your transparency wishes. Who knows, they could be the next member of ODE you visit!



Come see what our members are doing

Visit one of the ODE members to learn more about their products and story. Educate yourself on the product and industry and get your questions answered by the experts. Become a conscious consumer today!

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Let everyone know what you thought about our member

ODE verifies that companies are transparent, however, you are the judge. Write your review about what you thought of the company, their product and claims here for all to read!