Frequently Asked Questions when joining ODE

Here we have compiled a list of answers to common questions and concerns of companies when joining the Open Door Effect.

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"How do we avoid being grouped with other companies that are not transparent?"

We check visitor reviews on their experience. Additionally, we access and audit our members once a year to ensure the highest standards of transparency are met. In this way we ensure that our members are truly transparent.

"How do we avoid competitors bad mouthing us on reviews hosted on your website?"

Reviews are not a platform for slander. We mitigate this risk by allowing only those who have visited your facilities to write reviews. Furthermore, to publish a review the author is required to give their name and title. Thereby, the reader can assess the biases of the author.

"Will this significantly increase our FTE?"

Ideally no. Our experts will work with you to determine a unique solution to help you get the most out of radical transparency while keeping the FTE low and do-able.

"How do we ensure IP is protected?"

Our experts are available to work with you to find solutions for protection of IP. These will still allow you to meet transparency standards.

"What about safety of our guests and workers?"

Our experts combine their experience and your expertise to find solutions to any safety concerns you may have. We facilitate a safe implementation of radical transparency in your company. Check our transparency implementation support for further information.

"How do we avoid free loaders who just want a nice experience or free gift?"

The goal of the Open Door Effect is to spread awareness of your practices and mission for those interested. We work with you to create natural filters and design a tour that is content driven. It will attract a critical audience interested in your business and industry.