The story of DSM-Niaga

DSM-Niaga is a group of re-designers, outsmarting complex combinations of toxic and non-recyclable ingredients in everyday stuff. They share a non-negotiable product design philosophy, to make products healthier and fully recyclable. Niaga® does not compromise on performance, even if it takes a radical change in manufacturing and business model.

The first product Niaga® took on to redesign was carpet. Carpet is one of the big contributors to landfill waste today, due to its complex combination of materials glued together for eternity.

Niaga® found ways to meet all performance demands of a carpet by using the best of two single materials. Also, by merging it together with everlasting JIM -Joined interface Materials; in other words, unclip technology. This allows for easy recycling after use, back into carpet.

Niaga® is one of the first to join the Open Door Effect and is preparing for implementation of radical transparency in their factory. Niaga® is getting ready to show that transparency is possible even in their industry. Currently Niaga® will host tours of their factory in Geleen, the Netherlands. There they will show it is possible to make a recyclable carpet under safe conditions. All without emitting VOC’s and other harmful aerosols.

Niaga is also going beyond carpets and working on circularity in furniture with Ecor and of mattresses with Auping. The successful partnership with Auping shows that Niaga circular technology can be applied to more than just carpets and opens up the opportunity for items to become truly circular!

Ever wanted to see a circular industry up close? Come satisfy your curiosity and see for yourself how Niaga is innovating their industry in a sustainable and radically transparent way.

More on DSM-Niaga
woman with watch on wrist stretches carpet

Niaga and Transparency

DSM Niaga is making transparency a priority in every sense of the term and ODE is just one part of the story. They believe in the policy of “Don’t trust us, Check us”.

While ODE verifies Niaga is open and transparent, they go above and beyond to know their products, processes, and chain. They are working on transparency of their ingredients, the life cycle and material flows to create the worlds first recyclable carpet. Niaga is putting together a product passport to share the circular story of their product with the users. By using different partners or different transparency needs Niaga strives to be a glass box brand.

While they have high ambitions on radical transparency it is a process. No business is perfect and transparency brings many uncomfertable questions with Niaga does not shy away from but uses as fuel for constant improvement.

It will be possible to visit DSM Niaga in the future

DMS Niaga is currently in the process of testing their tours to iron out any issues internally before becoming a full ODE member and opening their doors to all parties. Currently it is only possible to visit the DSM-Niaga factory if you are a client or employee of DSM. However they are working tirelessly to open their doors to everyone as soon as possible. Please stay tuned for updates on the opening to the public.