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Are you ready for radical transparency?

Finding out is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Contact us to learn more about Open Door Effect and to set-up an exploratory meeting
  2. Our transparency experts will come to you to see your facilities and assess your level of transparency based on transparency standards of the Open Door Effect.
  3. We send you our assessment on your eligibility to join the Open Door Effect

Depending on the outcome of your assessment we will either invite you to join the Open Door Effect or we ask you to make some adjustments in your current transparency standards before receiving membership.

Membership Process

We recognize that each company has its own transparency journey. Some may be well on their way to radical transparency and ready to join us now. Others may have improvements that need to be made before being ready to join us at the Open Door Effect.

Therefore, based on the initial assessment, each company may have a slightly different path to transparency and joining the Open Door Effect. Overall, a typical membership process looks like this:


Transparency Readiness Assessment

Our transparency readiness assessment consists of the following:

  • Initial phone interview to understand your business, current level of transparency and transparency ambitions
  • Site visit by our experts for in person assessment
  • Outcome of assessment to determine if you meet the transparency standards and identifying areas of improvement (if any)


Improvement and Design (Optional)

Depending on the outcome of the assessment adjustments may be required. If so it can be done internally or with our transparency implementation experts.

  • Address transparency improvement areas
  • Address IP and other sensitive topics
  • Onboard colleagues
  • Design tour (process to implementation)
  • Streamline tour process
  • Design script for tour


Implementation and Check

Once the design phase is complete we begin with a soft launch of radical transparency in which you open your doors for a trial run. In this trial run we are able to ensure that everything goes smoothly from your design process. We are also able to ensure that transparency criteria is met in practice and that you get the most out of radical transparency.


Approved ODE Member

Once you know transparency tours are working in your business you are invited to become an Open Door Effect member. You will be published here on our website and begin to reap the benefits of radical transparency.

What you get as a member

When you meet transparency standards you are eligible to join the Open Door Effect and be featured here. For a yearly membership fee of 6,000.- you will receive the following:

  • Yearly shadow audit from our experts to ensure all members are adhering to transparency standards
  • Yearly update which integrates key observations, suggestions and learnings from our experts and provides a grade based on our audit and input from visitor reviews
  • Featured on the Open Door Effect
  • Access to network of other companies also working in radical transparency
  • Invitation to partake in peer- peer learning event (1/yr) organized by us
  • Reviewing and hosting visitor reviews on our website (*Reviewing as risk mitigation)


* Note: Due to differences in distance and circumstances, the yearly membership fee is exclusive of costs incured as a result of yearly audits.

Contact us to begin your journey in radical transparency