We are proud to present our members

The following organizations are members or in the process of becoming members. Our members and future members strive to use transparency as a transformative tool in their business. While they all have their own products, missions and are at a different stage of transparency implementation, they all strive to uphold the highest levels of transparency. Not only on what they know about their chain, products and processes, but also on what they don’t yet know.

Learn more below about each members business, products, transparency journey and how to visit them.

Our Current Members

ODE members are organizations that have implemented transparency into their business and are ready to welcome you.

The SEKEM Group of Companies is a part of the SEKEM Initiative founded in 1977 by Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish to strengthen Sustainable Development in Egypt by producing, processing, and marketing Organic and Biodynamic foodstuff, textiles, and phyto-pharmaceuticals in Egypt, the Arab World, and on international markets. SEKEM has been widely praised as an “Egyptian organic pioneer” and has received the 2003 Right Livelihood Award (“Alternative Nobel Prize”) as a „Business Model for the 21th Century” and an “economy of love”. With part of their profits the SEKEM companies co-finance the social and cultural activities of the SEKEM Development Foundation that runs, among others, schools and a Medical Centre. In 2012 Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development has been opened under the umbrella of SEKEM Initiative.


Future Members

These organizations are in the process of implementing transparency and will soon be ready to welcome you!

DSM-Niaga is a group of re-designers, outsmarting complex combinations of toxic and non-recyclable ingredients in everyday stuff. They share a non-negotiable product design philosophy, to make products healthier and fully recyclable. Niaga® does not compromise on performance, even if it takes a radical change in manufacturing and business model.

Niaga® found ways to meet all performance demands of a carpet by using the best of two single materials and merging it together with everlasting unclip technology. This allows for easy recycling after use, back into carpet.

Come satisfy your curiosity and see for yourself how Niaga is innovating their and perhaps also your industry in a sustainable and radically transparent way.


Who will be next to join the Open Door Effect?

The Open Door Effect is a growing initiative. It grows through companies own initiative and also through the nomination of companies by you.

Is there a product you want to know more about? Or a company you would like to see become more transparent?

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