Distance from our products

Globalization has removed companies and consumers from their products. Because supply chains are long, production is secrative, and people often have no insight into where products come from, what’s in them or how they are made; hence, transparency is low. Even worse, when consumers do dive into product information it is often so complex that it becomes difficult to process and understand the implications of the information they get. Overall, these factors makes it difficult for consumers and companies alike to know what is going on with their products. All together, this can lead to questionable products, unchecked ingredients, and unintended consequences for all.

Transparency brings us closer

Transparency is a tool to fight back against this lack of knowledge. For companies, and consumers to better know, and understand their products. Also, transparency has many forms: transparency on product ingredients, sourcing, material flows, and how it is made. While consumers should have the right to access this information about the products they buy and use, transparency for transparencies sake is meaningless. Companies should support interested parties in understanding what the implications of their transparent information is. Therefore, ODE is specialized in connecting transparent companies and interested consumers, supporting organizations in transparency of process and finding partnerships for transparency on other areas. We verify claims, and help companies and consumers navigate the complexities that come with transparency.

Our Ambition: Radical Transparency!

We, at the Open Door Effect have high ambitions for transparency in business to support companies in creating better products, and consumers in making more informed decisions. Through ODE we hope to create:

  • Increased knowledge among consumers to allow them to judge their products and companies for themselves
  • critical consumers who are conscious of what they are consuming and where it comes from
  • conversation between businesses and consumers
  • a new standard of conscious business practices that produces products beneficial for the health of the consumer, worker, environment and economy
  • trust between transparent business and consumers

Who is Open Door Effect for?

A Movement for Conscious Consumers

ODE provides the public a way to visit companies to see what their products are made of, how they are made, ask questions and get support in learning about the nuances of the industry to make informed decisions.

Thereby, ODE helps you achieve this by connecting member companies with interested parties to come and visit their production facilities. During the visit, visitors have the opportunity to ask questions, get answers and give feedback to the company. Also, visitors have the right to share what they experienced during their visit through a review hosted on the ODE website for all to see. In this way ODE verifies that its members are transparent and the public decides what to make of it. You don’t have to trust the word of ODE members, you can come see for yourself, or check reviews.

Are you interested in visiting ODE members? For instance, find out more about SEKEM here. Activate your inner conscious consumer here or contact us directly today!

A Movement for Progressive Businesses

Are you interested in joining the Open Door Effect and not sure where to begin?

Our professionals work with companies to find tailor made approaches to allow you to benefit from joining the Open Door Effect. Opening your doors to conscious consumers and other stakeholders in a way that works with your unique situation.

Want to begin reaping the benefits of radical transparency?

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