Transparency is a journey

Transparency in business is a new and growing trend. It is a long and unique journey for every company. Not only do companies need to fully understand all aspects of their product, but they also have to find a way to give you access to it in industries and organizations that are used to trying to conceal everything. The challenges differ per business and per product. Each one of our members is at a different stage of understanding and communicating about their products. As you visit our members, we would like you to remember that transparency does not mean our members are perfect, it means that our members are honest about what they do, what they know, and what they dont know yet.

What to expect when you visit

What you can expect from our members:

  • Access to products you can buy from them
  • Answers to your questions (or explanations on why they cannot answer)
  • Explanation of information so you understand what the implications are

What our members expect of you:

  • ask questions and give feedback about what they do
  • think critically and ask questions about how they are different from other organizations in their industry
  • write a review about what you experienced and share

How can I visit?

Visiting our members is as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Select a member of the Open Door Effect from our website. Our members are part of the radical transparency movement and ready to welcome you to their facilities.
  2. Follow the instructions and fill in the necessary informatin on their page to subscribe for a visit.
  3. Visit our member at your appointment time, see their process, ask your questions and give your ideas for improvement.

If you would like, you are welcome to write a review of your visit afterwards to share your experience with other consumers.

Members ready to welcome you into their production facilities

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