The Transparency Transition Beginning

Radical transparency is an upcoming theme companies cannot hide from.

Consumers and public are becoming critical of where products come from and what’s in them. Government is creating laws requiring companies to know their product ingredients and where they come from (supply and value chain). Companies are proactively implementing transparency.

The consensus is transparent business is the new form of business but companies still struggle with how to make it actionable.

Transparency Trends

There are many transparency routes depending on your business circumstances and products. Certifications and blockchain are well known options. However, there are cases where the methods of transparency do not fit your needs. For example when:

  • certifications are too expensive
  • the right certifications don’t yet exist for what you produce or do
  • you want to go beyond certification
  • your process or production is not compatible with block chain
  • you want to avoid the certification confusion for customers and consumers (what does your certification actually mean)
  • your business wants to engage with customers and consumers
  • you are just beginning with transparency and still figuring things out

Therefore we have the Radical Transparency through the Open Door Effect. An alternative form of transparency complimentary to other forms of transparency that serves different needs.

Radical Transparency: A new type of transparency

Being radically transparent means your business does not hide, it opens its doors to all interested parties to show your process and product, and answers questions fully and honestly. It does not mean you have to be perfect and have all of the answers, but that you are transparent, honest, and accessible for all.

In addition, by embracing radical transparency you build relations and gain trust of customers and consumers, distinguish yourself from others in the industry, gain positive publicity for innovative transparency practices, share your mission, have fresh external input to help improve your process, and more.

Open Door Effect: for businesses with radical transparency

Open Door Effect is a transparency association with members from all industries who adhere to radical transparency in business.

We host tours open to all to come and see what they make and how they make it. Our experts are available to support you as you implement and streamline the visitor process and in meeting radical transparency standards. After implementation we are audited by ODE experts and visitors to ensure all members are holding to radical transparency standards.

Through ODE, stakeholders do not have to trust what we say, they can come see for themselves and write a public review for others to see.